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When it comes to 100% sustainable style, I always go back to one word… recycling. Take the goods that are used and of no use, and make them beautiful again. Something from nothing. And that is just what Ella Sven is doing.

Reconstructed vintage apparel and revivified and reclaimed accessories are our world. Each handcrafted piece has a special vintage quality balanced by contemporary reconstruction and modern polish and charm. We take pleasure in using recycled materials and bringing new life to pieces that would otherwise be forgotten or lost.

Ella Sven began her operation by grabbing a massive collection of vintage clothing, hacking it up, and reconstructing pieces so people would actually wear them without feeling like they were on their way to a 70’s costume party. She now has a team of local sewers in her hometown of Detroit, who create wearable, saleable, reconstructed garments for her online shop. Best of all, Ella Svan concentrates on quality and craftsmanship priding her garments to be not only used before, but up for the task of being used well into the future.

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Katie Gannon

After running an ethical fashion label for 5 years, I started this blog in 2007 after learning first hand about the importance of sustainability in fashion design. I am a passionate environmentalist and wish to promote individuals and organisations around the world working on innovative design. I have a BA in Communications / Media as well as a Cert IV in Clothing Production, and run my own graphic design company at www.katiegannon.com

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