This Rawsome Vegan Life

This Rawsome Vegan Life

Have you ever wondered how Vegans keep their food interesting? For most people, the thought of switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet is pretty daunting. ‘How could I ever cook a hearty meal again?’ ‘I just couldn’t live without chocolate’, ‘nothing makes me feel better than a good cut of steak’ are just some thoughts that haunt people when deciding to make the change.

carrot cake

Luckily enough, and thanks to the blogging community, we have masses of information and inspiration out there readily available for us to become less worried, and more enthusiastic about cutting out those animal products.

I recently stumbled across the blog ‘This Rawesome Vegan Life‘ by Emily von Euw, an advocate of living a clean green life, fuelling her body with raw vegan foods, “because I love my body, the planet and all beings”

Emilies recipes are deliciously mouth watering, while her style of writing and photography creates the urge in her readers to follow suit and experiment with whatever makes you feel good.

I love filling my body with living foods, because that’s what my new cells are gonna be made out of! I want to be made of creamy avocados, juicy kiwis and velvety kale; not processed white flour and sugar. What do you want to be made of?

If you are a chocolate devotee, I highly recommend Em’s Dark Chocolate with Goji Berries recipe. I’ve made it a few times already, and it is truly amazing! (better than regular chocolate by far!)


There are so many other recipes on the site, that I find myself visiting almost every day for idea’s. Such talent. Check out Em’s site at



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