Another good reason to shop local

Another good reason to shop local

David Attenborough: Death of the Ocean, was screened last night on SBS. Although I regrettably only caught the last half of the doco, I was saddened to sea the chapter on whale communication and the ever-growing problems of container ships.

In one case study in the North Atlantic, not only were the humpback whales in the area being scarred on their bodies from being hit by these massive container ships, but the noise pollution (caused by the vessels) is being thought to hinder the culture and communication of the whales. The unique sound waves vocalised by the whale community allow them to detect objects and organisms by sonar. With constant interruption from container ships overhead and around them, their calls are being dulled down and even washed out completely. Scientists are fearful that this noise pollution will eventually have detrimental effects on whales all over our globe.

Hence, another good reason to buy local. Apart from wasting fuel and neglecting to support our local economies,  buying products that have been shipped from one side of the world to the other, is disturbingly destructive.

Will you be buying locally made products this Christmas?

Blue whale photographed off the bow of a ship in the Santa Barbara Channel during an aerial survey conducted by staff of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.
Photo Credit: Julie Helmers, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.
Katie Gannon

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