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Eco Brides

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Have you been thinking about tying the knot? I’m sure if you are reading this blog you have often wondered how wasteful the wedding industry is. I mean seriously, how much do you need to purchase and then throw away, for just one day?

With backgrounds in the industry, Lea Moate and Fiona Carson thought exactly the same thing. Which is why they put their heads together back in 2011 to combine their skills & knowledge in aid of inspiring a new generation of spouses to be.

On the release of their stunning third issue, and celebrating their first anniversary, the talented ladies from eco brides magazine gave us an insight into getting hitched sustainably as well as running an environmentally and ethically conscious business.

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You mentioned you had backgrounds in the wedding industry, what are those backgrounds?

Editor, Lea has owned her own wedding styling and decorating business for the past 4 years and Creative Director Fiona is an award winning wedding photographer who has been in the industry for over 5 years.

What inspired you to create the online magazine? Were there any other publications that inspired you? Or other websites? Or was it a lack of?

The inspiration came from a lack of resources in the market. There are no other magazines like Eco Brides in Australia, we do know of ones overseas however in Australia there is nothing for the eco conscious bride and groom to draw inspiration for their own eco wedding.

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Do you plan on doing a print magazine? Or do you believe e-mags are the way of the future?

We are really excited to have a small print run of our latest issue for our upcoming Eco Wedding Fair in August. The magazine will be available to purchase on the day. We are also really working hard to get a print magazine together to distribute nation wide. We did struggle with the decision about putting a print issue together as we felt it went against our values however we know that there are printers out there that use solar power and non toxic inks for their printing and we can have the magazine printed on FSC approved recycled paper so that makes our decision just that little bit easier so hopefully fingers crossed down the track Eco Brides may be in your local newsagent.

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Did you find that there are many eco-wedding companies out there? Is there a shift towards this?

We have uncovered a huge amount of talented eco wedding vendors and the best part is they aren’t your everyday wedding vendor. Most of them offer something really unique. Things like terrariums, mens ties made from reclaimed wood, ethical businesses that help employ people that may not necessarily otherwise have the opportunity…the list is endless.

Kath-Scott-Photography_0109 Many weddings can be quite extravagant expense wise. Do you think an eco-minded wedding ends up being less or more of an expense?

In our opinion you can still spend a lot of money on an eco friendly wedding if you choose to. Just because it is eco doesn’t mean you have to spare any expense however, because a lot of Eco weddings incorporate DIY and recycled and op shop found elements we would tend to think that you could save a lot of money having an eco friendly wedding.

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What are your top 3 tips you can give to brides to be when planning their wedding?

1. Get as many of your friends and family involved in helping contribute something to your day. It just makes it all the more special.
2. Incorporate yours and your partners personalities and lifestyle in your day. Don’t do something that you “think” you should have or something that is “trendy” at the time. Be yourself, you only have one day to do it and you want to look back and say “yep, this day was all about us!”
3.  Enjoy the process of planning your wedding day. Too many people make it stressful and it really doesn’t have to be. Take joy in choosing all the little elements that make up the one big day. It’s FUN!



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