Mr. Potter & The Ceramic Revolution

Mr. Potter & The Ceramic Revolution

mr.-potter-confucius---for-him_for-her mr.-potter-breaces--for-him_for-her mr.-potter-musicMr. Potter  is a UK eco-fashion start-up born out of a quite peculiar night in which Vins, Joe and Marcelo – the three cofunders – came out with this twisted idea of creating ceramic bow ties
braces and collars . Sharing a passionfor art and design, a healthy disregard for conventional thinking and a particular acumen forwhat most people out there call entrepreneurial spirit, the three co-founders immediately realised the huge potential of ceramics and begun to work very hard to turn that simple idea in what today is Mr. Potter.

For those of you who haven’t come across it yet, ceramic is a totally eco-friendly material handcrafted and hand-paintend with ancient techniques that are handed down by generations of artisans. It comes straight from the Earth and – when its use is over – returns to it. Ceramics is beautiful, practical, incredibly resistant and can take a wide variety of shapes and forms. It is one of the most durable materials available to humans, and for millennia it has been used to create drinking vessels, jugs, plates, vases and even jewellery.

By engaging in a few joint collaborations with Italians craftsmen, potters and artists all committed to sustainable practices, Mr. Potter has been able to challenge the traditional understanding of fashion accessories and create unique pieces of art that have no impact on the environment and can potentially last forever.

Rejecting the idea that wearing a nice, good-looking outfit has to involve that awful guilttrip for harassing innocent living being, exploiting helpless workers and polluting our already compromised environment the Mr.Potter crew believes that with the right amount of creative thinking, it is impossible not to recognise that ceramics has the potential to revolutionise the fashion industry and change the sick dynamics of nowadays massconsumption system. Blending ethics, art and creativity into traditional accessories Mr. Potter aims to pave a new way of thinking fashion.

Along this line the brand recently launched its official blog,‘Quit The Box!’, in the attempt to share its values and spread awareness around this new eco-trend. Yet, quit the box aims to be a way to directly encourage creative thinking, support diversity and inspire change. Although Mr. Potter is still a small reality in the fashion world, it seems to have ideas, motivation and potential to lead a radical change in the industry. Meanwhile – using their own words – bottoms up and ceramic ON.

Katie Gannon

After running an ethical fashion label for 5 years, I started this blog in 2007 after learning first hand about the importance of sustainability in fashion design. I am a passionate environmentalist and wish to promote individuals and organisations around the world working on innovative design. I have a BA in Communications / Media as well as a Cert IV in Clothing Production, and run my own graphic design company at

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