The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff

A few days ago in the Age Newspaper (Sydney) an article appeared about a man who bought a $12 fan. On going to the checkout the fan was then discounted to $8, which of course would send most people into a elated state of happiness as they have just found themselves an absolute bargain!
What we fail to think about however is “where did the fan come from? What resources were used to make it, and of course were those resources properly priced in the sense of resource depletion and environmental impact?”
A reader commented below that anyone actually interested in finding this out should check out the website, “The Story of Stuff“.

While I sat for 20 minutes this morning watching this video, simultaneously getting ready for work, I felt a whole heap of futility for my life and my work. In fact I feel exactly what the video talks about in the sense that I go to work just to buy things, which makes me part of the manipulative yet ridiculous capitalist economic cycle.
So why are most of us caught up in this facade? Are we silly enough to believe that we need everything that we see in advertisements? I am definitely questioning my own participation in all of this…
Anyway, for those of you who do give a damn about why you are working so hard, and what we are doing here on earth, watch the video and tell me how you feel in comments box below. I would love to hear from you!
Katie Gannon

After running an ethical fashion label for 5 years, I started this blog in 2007 after learning first hand about the importance of sustainability in fashion design. I am a passionate environmentalist and wish to promote individuals and organisations around the world working on innovative design. I have a BA in Communications / Media as well as a Cert IV in Clothing Production, and run my own graphic design company at

  • crystaljewellery
    Posted at 03:03h, 28 February Reply

    As someone who also tries to reduce consumption and live a simpler life, the video made me feel as though it was something that couldn’t be fixed.

  • CollegiateDown
    Posted at 17:24h, 17 February Reply

    I agreed with the point of the movie, even if the delivery wasn’t the most effective. Lately, I’ve been trying to make more things, even though I still have to buy the supplies so its not exactly perfect, and buying local or used.

  • Alexis
    Posted at 03:15h, 16 February Reply

    This was a kick in the pants. As someone who also tries to reduce consumption and live a simpler life, the video made me feel as though it was something that couldn’t be fixed. It’s such a huge problem, and here I am buying into it! I still purchase new clothes because they’re “in style,” or different shoes, even some kitchen gadgets that are completely unnecessary. And I work my butt off to get the money to pay for these things!

    However, I think it was a great inspiration to move further with a simple life. Everything we do makes a difference.

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