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Discover, connect and shop ECO friendly fashion and ECO products.

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This site is designed to link boutiques and consumers to eco friendly fashion labels throughout the world, and to promote designers who are building their businesses with conscience. ‘Eco Friendly Fashion’ is here to make you think twice about what you are wearing and where it came from. After all, we only have one world.

Discover, connect and shop ECO friendly fashion and ECO products. Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, & Homewares. Tips for a sustainable, simple life.

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Woodwear Style

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of wooden sunglasses. I actually own a pair of Bamboo frames that look as good as the day I got them 2 years ago. When I saw this brand pop up in our directory, needless to say, I was pretty chuffed. Straight up on the home page […]


9th Cylce Craftworks

We can tell that Christine Wiemers is the type of person who doesn’t throw scraps away. Her beautiful one of a kind treasures are sewn creatively with love and a true sense of wanting to give someone, something to cherish for a long time to come. Purchasing small scraps from bins at fabric stores and waiting patiently for […]



ecolade is a premium Western Australian ( Perth ) based vegan handbag store. Selling gorgeous denim, canvas and jute totes, bags and wallets, the company brags a completely vegan manufacturing process, meaning no animal products (such as traditionally used leather) are used in the making. We LOVE their cute little denim wallets with pieces of authentic […]


Coulibaly Jewelry

Collaborating with Mother Nature, Coulibaly presents green clay jewellery as an alternative to that of renound environmentally destructive metal/mineral. These unique handmade clay bead necklaces are carefully hand shaped from pottery clay and held together on a leather cord. Whether air-dried for days or simply oven-baked, each bead breathes a life of its own, hand painted, patterned or […]


Haus of Eco

Haus Of Eco is a small online business offering eco friendly textiles to the fashion conscientious. As a rule, the online store only trades textiles from organically/eco friendly certified manufacturers who share their ethos. They place great emphasis on promoting sustainability and do utilise the concept of recycling where ever they can. All of the Haus of Eco suppliers […]


Blackberry Maverick

BMAV’s third collection, “Whirlwind”, a softer and more mature collection, takes the retro woman to the edge with updated versions of the Blackberry Classics thier customers love. Merging the classic elegance of the ’50s and the bold force of the ’80s, “Whirlwind” features a whimsical rayon challis print that drapes elegantly combined with the soft stretch of […]


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