Lucid Creators Terracotta Handmade Jewelry

Terracotta is an Italian word which means “baked earth”. In simple words it is hard red earthenware. It is used to refer to items made out of this material and to its natural, brownish orange color. It is used for making earthen handicrafts, pots and now jewelry etc. They are available in beautiful color combinations. […]

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Wabi Sabi

In 2010, Michele Cohen left her full time job as a fashion manager in a large company, to open her first small scale eco fashion concept store. Today, Wabi Sabi has a headquarter in Seville, Spain and also Atlantic City in New Jersey. While the concept took off, Michele’s vision and exquisite taste grabbed the attention […]

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Shamanic Nights

Amelia Hoskins from Exeter, England is one very clever lady. Gathering patchworks of up-cycled cotton, linen, silk, & viscose, Amelia hand makes elegant and ethical luxury in the form of Ladies’ Dresses, Robes, Kimonos, & Jackets. Not your regular patchwork quilt concoction, the pieces are one of a kind, bespoke and beautiful, all retaining a sense of old […]

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Amorosa – A South American Twist

The Amarosa brand, founded by Sarah Quintero, is a bright playful reflection of the vibrant South American culture. All of the accessories fuse traditional Andean crafts with modern design. Amarosa is committed to supplying their customers with socially conscious fashion accessories that are ethically produced using low impact, eco friendly materials which have been hand crafted […]

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Synergy Organic Clothing

When Kate Fisher set off for an adventure in Nepal in 1993, she could have never imagined what was about to become the work of her life and the food of her soul. Finding amazing fabrics and clothing in which she sold on her return home, the idea of Synergy clothing was born, and 21 years […]

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Bubs n Bumps

Bubs n Bumps maternity brand started in March 2009 by Nikki Dungar. After carrying three children of her own she knew what was needed to make a great maternity top. “I believe the shape of a pregnant women’s body is beautiful. Be proud to show off your baby bump and curvaceous figure in classic flattering cuts […]

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