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I have a thing for handcrafted homewares. There is something so satisfying about supporting a talented craftsperson or maker. The knowledge that you have supported a sole trader or small business (and most likely, someone’s personal dream), is quite gratifying in itself. Added to this...

Lisa Heinze is an ethical fashion advocate and PhD candidate at the University of Sydney. She is also the co-founder of Clean Cut, Australia's sustainable fashion council. Her book, Sustainability with Style is very thought provoking and incorporates interesting cultural and social observations....

I am Mariangela, a fibre/textile artist, maker of Zafu cushions and whacky textiles. I studied languages and medieval/renaissance art in Florence, and I have a background in industrial knitted goods prototype making....

Should value measured in TIME or MONEY? When you made your last purchase, what was the first number you thought about? Was it the number on the price tag? Or, the number of years you thought your purchase might last?...

A perpetual source of disagreement at my home revolves around the purpose and value of the humble cushion. I am of the firm belief cushions fulfil both a functional and aesthetic purpose, therefore, they deserve their place on the lounge....

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