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Bizy Bee's Creations was started by combining two great passions, sewing and helping the environment! While we live and breathe our passions every day we also encourage all of our friends do their part join the crusade.
Every bag we make was from an old shirt, curtains or dresses, just about any material we could find we would make a shopping tote. We have grown an have added four different types of Aprons, Book Bags, and Yoga mat carries. Plus we now do custom orders using denim material and other textiles.

Clothing and other textiles represent about four percent of the municipal solid waste stream. Which adds to our landfills and makes them harder to bio-degrade. With everyone, or at least some of us doing something simple, like taking one of Bizy Bee's Creations Shopping totes to the market or using them as a book bag, gym bag or whatever, we're helping out our environment.

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