7 reasons to embrace GREEN (on the inside!)

7 reasons to embrace GREEN (on the inside!)

Many of us are now aware of the green smoothie revolution. But do you really understand why this raw food phenomenon is so good for you? Here are 7 good reasons to get yourself a blender, and get on the green smoothie train.


1. ENZYMES.  Although all plants contain them, they are often destroyed during cooking and processing. Plants in their raw form contain the full compliment of enzymes which require minimum digestion.

2. GREENS ARE ALKALISING. Most of us with high acid diets can benefit from their acid neutralising action. Greens contain the most alkalising minerals – calcium, magnesium and potassium.

3. GREAT BOWEL CLEANSING FIBRE. Health begins in the colon! If you are not regular, you are not healthy. Adding soluble fibres such as Chia seeds to your smoothie helps to remove excess cholesterol and slow the release of sugars in the blood. The insoluble fibres in greens serve much like a sponge, drawing in several times their own weight in toxic residues for efficient elimination.

4. HORMONE BALANCE. Concentrated greens can provide many endocrine supporting nutrients. Most reproductive cancers are fuelled by endocrine imbalances.

5. THE POWER OF CHLOROPHYLL. (The life blood of a plant). Chlorophyll is a major oxygen carrier necessary for every cell in our bodies.

6. OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS. Omega 3’s, which are delivered in a pristine state in raw smoothies are utilised by the organs that require rapid function (like the heart and the brain). By assisting those organs we can reduce the feeling of tiredness and sluggishness that most of us are familiar with!

7. A REMARKABLE DIGESTIVE TONIC. Not only do raw greens contain the enzymes that help digest them but they have been shown to promote the production of hydrochloric acid which further assists digestion in general!

(info collated from Nutritech Solutions)

Smoothies not only do all of these amazing things, they also help you to feel super energised! I find having any type of smoothie in the morning makes me feel full of beans. Below is my morning smoothie for you to try…

Green and Purple Breakfast Smoothie


1 banana (the riper the better)
2 passionfruit
Handfull of berries (I use mulberries)
1 raw egg (don’t worry, you won’t taste it. Leave it out if you are vegan)
1 teaspoon raw cacao powder
1 teaspoon raw peanut butter
1 teaspoon LSA mix
Handfull of spinach
1 sprig parsley
1 cup of any type of milk or water



Photo’s courtesy of http://lindawagner.net/  … For more yummy smoothie ideas check out Linda’s site!

Katie Gannon

After running an ethical fashion label for 5 years, I started this blog in 2007 after learning first hand about the importance of sustainability in fashion design. I am a passionate environmentalist and wish to promote individuals and organisations around the world working on innovative design. I have a BA in Communications / Media as well as a Cert IV in Clothing Production, and run my own graphic design company at www.katiegannon.com

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