Cushions with a story

A perpetual source of disagreement at my home revolves around the purpose and value of the humble cushion. I am of the firm belief cushions fulfil both a functional and aesthetic purpose, therefore, they deserve their place on the lounge.

Is a cushion just a cushion? In most cases, yes it is! I wonder though, have you ever considered the story and processes behind the creation of a cushion? Doing so may prompt you to think about this question a little further.

Before you make your next cushion purchase, you may like to ask yourself who made it and who you are supporting? Where is it from? Has it been made using sustainable and ethical practices? What is its story?

These days, I buy less and think more about my purchases for the home. I ask more questions. I look for the story behind the products. I am more conscious about the businesses I support. Do you do the same? Is there a cushion in your home with a story to tell?

One Another
The T-yarn this cushion is woven from is the by-product from manufacturing t-shirts. They are hand woven by women from their homes outside of Cape Town. Each cushion is hand-signed by the woman who made it.
Handwoven according to Argentinian tradition. Ethically made and fairly traded through direct artisan partnerships.
Cloth & Co.
Handspun & handloomed by traditional weavers in rural Indian villages. Supporting sustainable development and ethical labour practices.
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One Another | Pampa | Cloth & Co.

Tracie Hartley

Tracie Hartley is a regular contributor for Eco Friendly Fashion. She has worked in the fields of education and information for over 15 years. She is also a design student with a passion for interiors and books. Tracie holds a BBus, MEd and CIV in Design. Her personal site is at

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